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    Doesnt anyone have the ones from the TC store? I read that it may be essential the same as boxwaves, who a lot of users here rave about.

    I mean, it's looking like 13 bucks for 3(tc store) or 32 bucks for 3(boxwave), is it worth it?
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    I was getting ready to post the same question. The descriptions of both sound identical but I haven't read much feedback about TC's. Hopefully some will share good experiences.

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    They are apparantly made in the same factory. That doesn't necessarily mean they're the same though...I'd like to hear some more solid comparisons as well.
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    I think the boxwave is well worth the cost. I've had the same one on my 600 for over a year, and it's still in good shape. If I can get it off cleanly, I'm going to move it to the 650.
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    I bought a pack of 12 (I forget Belkin or Fellows) for 99 cents at the dollar store. I trim them to fit the screen of the T650 using a template included in the T650 box.

    I've had other Palm devices for years on which I never used screen protectors.No big deal
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    I like the Boxwave too. I'm using the anti-glare right now and am very happy. But they're very pricey, and I'd like to know if the TreoCentral ones are the same thing -- exactly, or more or less. If more or less, I'd like to know the difference.

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    I used the Boxwaves for the Treo 600 for a year and now using TC's screen protector for the Treo 650 since November and I honestly can't tell the difference. Both are equal to me in quality.
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    Is the finish on the TC protector about the same as the anti-glare from BoxWave? I'm asking in terms of how it feels, how it reacts to glare, how it affects the image from the screen, and so on.
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    Haven't had any problems with glares with TC's protectors. TC's screen protectors are so clear on the screen that I forget that they're there. The only difference I can tell between the two protectors is that TC's protectors are slightly smoother. That's actually the first thing I noticed when I was poking the screen with the stylus.

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