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    I am using WirelessSync from VZW but I posted this question in the Communications group because I feel it may apply to anyone using a similar product (i.e. SBC from Sprint).

    Since I have a laptop I found another machine to always keep on the network to run WirelessSync. It works very well until it loses it's connection. This is what's happening...

    I am running Windows 2000 Professional. We use regular old Windows Domain logons. There is one domain that we all log into. For some strange reason I can't login with my domain acct/password with this machine. All other machines it works fine. I think the reason is this machine is old and no longer supported by my help desk so they took the name of the machine out of the domain. I can't change the machine name b/c I don't have permission. Anyway, so I basically set up an account on the local machine that has Administrator rights and I login to the machine domain (i.e. the name of the machine).

    Ok, I can open Outlook just fine, it asks me for my username, password, and domain and accepts them and Outlook opens. So, my account is fine since I can login to Outlook, I again think it's that this machine is no longer supported so they won't allow it to login to the domain.

    WirelessSync comes up and syncs beautifully. The problem is, suddenly (usually within two days) I'll check the machine and WirelesSync is flashing a red "X". It hasn't been able to connect for hours. Sometimes it just pops up the Outlook login box and sometimes I get a message about "authentication credentials". The only way to really fix this is to close WirelessSync, close Outlook, open Outlook again, login to Outlook, then start WirelessSync again. Now it works flawlessly again.

    My question is to any networking gurus out there. I think what's happening is since i'm not logging into the machine directly into the domain, my authentication is timing out or something and it's asking me to log back in. Is there a way to prevent this? I feel like if I were using the system constantly it would keep me authenticated but since it goes idle overnight for hours at a time, it's losing the authentication. Is there something I can run or do that will keep my connection alive?

    I can't call help desk because they'll probably take this machine away if they know I have it still.

    Thanks for reading!

    <edit>I should also add that when I lose the authentication my Outlook still seems to be syncing just fine. All new messages are in Outlook but WirelessSync shows a connection error. I could understand if Outlook was hanging thus WirelessSync would have nothing new to sync, but Outlook has the latest data but WirelessSync just won't connect to it until I close it, and login again.</edit>
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