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    what would keep outlook from syncing with the treo 650
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    Could be anything, I suppose... Conduits not set up correctly, Outlook misconfigured, Treo told to sync with Desktop, not Outlook.

    You'll probably need to give some more details on what you've already tried to get some help .
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    Its a brand new phone... just installed the software... told it to sync with Outlook. During sync proccess it backs up settings, but it keeps having error in log.
    This is what part of it says:

    Outlook Contacts
    - Not Sycronized
    Outlook Contacts synchronization failed
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    Have you had Outlook syncing with another hotsync profile lately? If you are using a different Hotsync ID it won't match the one that Outlook is ready to sync with. You need to remove that old one from Outlook so you can sync your new phone...

    That is, if you have used a different ID in the past...
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    I'm honestly not sure if I have or hadnt... if that were the case how would you fix it... by the way the Conduits are set up correctly.
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    Make sure you have the latest outlook conduits.
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    I will put your avatar aside (Go DAWGS!) and give you some advice that helped me with the same errors. In outlook, go to Help -> About -> Detect and Repair. Let Outlook fix itself and try to synch again.

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