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    Last week I found a great shopping list program called ShopList. It allows you to create lists for several stores and in several categories within the stores. And when you are at the store, you just click on the box once you have the item, and it disappears from your list (well, actually it changes from "need" to "have", so it's still on the Visor, just not visible). This is super! The only flaw is that it doesn't seem to have beaming capability (so if my husband decides to go to the market for me, I can't just beam him my list!)
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    Handy Shopper is another great freeware shopping program. I believe he is working on beaming for his next release. You can create multiple databases with this one also!
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    I just dowloaded HandyShop, and you can export to memo pad. You can choose what you want exported: Quantity, ailse, price. After beaming the memo to the other handheld, they can then import from memo pad into HandyShop. Hmmm, maybe hubby can do the shopping now!

    Deb Auld
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    Mobile ChecklistLite v1.5 or at i beleive.

    It allows you to import from memo pad so that you can generate your lists on your PC and the best's free!

    oh ya...with a program like 'Explorer' you can beam the ChecklistLite Database to another handheld...unfortunately they'll get all your checklists....but if all you're doing is shopping lists, then it works great!

    I use it for the stares i get at the market from the people with the crumpled pieces of paper and stubby pencil trying to write on the child seat of their cart!!
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    HandyShopper also has a beta version 2 out which is a tremendous leap forward. You can manage multiple databases, assign characteristics for individual stores within a similiar category (for instance, indicate that milk cost $3/gal in aisle 12 in store 1 and that it costs $3.50 in aisle 18 at store 2!), you can even create different kinds of databases - I'm currently getting my 600+ video collection set up on the thing!

    The beta version is incredibly stable (I've had absolutely NO problems) and will run under the fastest AfterBurner setting! Of course, your current HandyShopper data will import without incident. I can't believe this program is free.!
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    Do any of these have existing lists of Grocery items so you don't have to enter them in yourself?
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    ShopList doesn't have a pre-developed list of grocery items, but when you enter an item you check it as either "need" or "have." If you check "need," when you buy it (like at the store -- with your Visor balanced on the child seat -- it disappears from the "need" list, but moves to the "have" list. Thus, the next time you go to the store, you just look at the "have" list and uncheck the items that you now "need" again. Is this making any sense? Anyhow, after a few trips, it will have all the stuff you regularly buy in it -- and I think that's handier than any predetermined list of someone else's choices!

    It doesn't have the ability to keep track of the price of an item -- which is fine with me. I want a simpler program rather than a complex, memory-hogging one anyway!
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    Originally posted by Letch:
    Do any of these have existing lists of Grocery items so you don't have to enter them in yourself?
    Yes, there is one called SuperList.
    It has a HUGE database of groceries, and you can create your own databases too. The only glaring weakness is that it doesn't allow you to enter quantity information. A big miss, IMO.
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    I went by my favorite grocery store and got a paper copy of the aisle list. It's an alphabetically list of common item and the aisle number.

    I used a scanner and a OCR reader to convert it to text. I formated the text, pasted it into the memo pad and imported it into HS2. It worked great.

    Give it a try.
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    HandyShopper 2 warning:

    I've had 4 "Hard crash, everything's gone, time to recalibrate the Visor" events, and 3 of them occurred while issuing a command to HandyShopper 2. Call me stubborn, but I really wanted HandyShopper2 (multiple databases!!!) to work. And it really wanted to nuke my Visor.

    I suggest a reliable and frequently-updated backup strategy if you want to use HS2.



    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    John, what HS2 build do you have? The early one caused lots of crashes for me. The more recent 1323a has been completely stable.
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    dunno about the build number. The date on the .prc file is 1/23, which is the same date as the currently available at palmgear file.

    Guess I'd need to load the program to get the build, eh?

    I think I'll stick w/ either the older Handyshopper or give ShopList a try. I'll do my "multiple databases" over in ThinkDB.



    "Vaya con Visor!"


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