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    Does anyone use one that works?

    I was handed a copy of Easy Sync Pro but I can't get the thing to work.

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    The best I've used is mNotes by CommonTime (
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    mNotes works very well. EasySync is not yet compatible with the 650 OS.
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    intellisync here. on LN5. I'm afraid to go to LN6 though
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    do u use mnotes wirelessly? Does it need its own server?
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    Hey, I have Notes version 6.5, and ( perviously v6.0.1 before upgraded).

    I tried several packages, from mNotes, EasySync (not supported), and Pylon.... (plus several others which I forget now).

    The one I took on was Pylon... here:

    It is a great package... I do it all with Notes, and I even added syncs for a few other local databases of my notes client...

    good luck
    Got to love it... Balinor

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