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    O.K. the Rom #5 update worked beautifully now I would just like to be cleared up on a few thing please.

    1) Do I need to go back to the Sprint Rom if I need to load later patch updates provided by Sprint or Palm?

    2) Most apps are loaded into the RAM but this update cleared out the *ROM is this correct?

    3) I am thinking that since the update removed some apps I should have
    more room in the *Rom for other apps is this correct?

    4) How do I best utilize the newly freed *ROM? Is there another app for
    installing programs into the *ROM? This will give me more room in the
    RAM is this correct?

    5) Can I load Powerrun, Snappermail, Mcpling, Wassup and Butler into my

    6) Or am I all wet and the *ROM update gave me more RAM for aall new
    apps -period-

    I ask this because after the update #5, while surfing I received an error message which said “nnot have enough memory to display this page”
    I already have most of my apps loaded on the SD card with powerrun.

    just looking for clarification thanks in advance.
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    These questions have all be asnwered ad nauseum on this board already. Any sort of search will probably answer this and more, but i'll give you a quick breakdown of response:

    1) Yes, no, maybe - no one is really sure yet as there aren't any sprint updates. Most likely a sprint or palm update will flash an entirely new rom which will put all the stuff you've taken off back on.



    4)Adding programs to the ROM is a simple but risky process. You can permanently disbale your Treo (have to go back to Sprint store) if you do it incorrectly. Shadowmite has developed a ROM update tool that is supposed to do it all for you. I have not used it, but have heard it works beautifully.

    5) Can't answer these specifics, but most likely yes. The ROM does, howeever have a limitation on the amount of items you can load (i bleieve it is 8MB total, which includes all necessary Palm files) so you probably can't get them all to fit or work.

    6) No, cleared out ROM does not give more RAM. There are fixed partiions that limit the available RAM memory.

    Your Browser error has nothing to do with your Palm memory, it has to do with Blazer limitations.
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    Thanks for the quick reply, all I needed was a quick summary, a person could spend days searching for these answers and still be a bit confussed.

    thanks again.
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    No problem. I hope you get as much use out of, and are as happy with your Treo as i am with mine.
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    I'll second the word of caution about adding apps to the ROM. I did this and totally hosed my phone and had to get a replacement. My replacement was dinged up and the battery doesn't last nearly as long. Quite the drag...I'm kinda hoping it develops some other problem so I can get another one.... :-/

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    Mike, you could probably get the replacement one replaced again. Warranty replacements and lockline replacements are supposed to "look" as new, even if they are refurbished units. The exterior appearance is not supposed to be altered in any way. So if they gave you a dinged up phone, i'd take it up with someone and get it replaced.

    But then again, if its working, maybe you don't care that much. After all, eventually, it will probably get dinged up anyway.

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