My company's IS group does not support my treo 600. Nor will they pay my phone bill. They are making me use their blackberry (and paying my blackberry phone bill).

I bought the treo 600 in Apr/May '04 however 3 wks 5 days ago Sprint gave me a brand new one because the earpiece wasnt working. So now i have a brand new phone and the following palm OEM stuff to sell...

-TREO 600 (CDMA) only a few days old.....
-Two OEM cradles (1 for home and 1 for office)
-Two OEM synch/charging cables (for office and home)
-Clip on black leather belt holder (vertical) never used...OEM
-Pack of screen protectors
-A second black leather OEM case to cover Treo 600 (if you dont want to clip it to your belt)
-OEM car charger (rarely travel - not used much)
-A new 6 month warranty from the date of the new phone (just a few days ago)
-ALL the original receipts, instructional manuals, set up disk, etc etc

Email me at crn_jr@yahoo.com.....I'd like to sell it to you if you are interested. I work in downtown Chicago. I can mail it to you or maybe we can complete the transaction in the Loop. Meeting at the downtown Sprint store with the treo/attachements to verify, if necessary, anything you need to verify, would also work for me. Thanks.