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    Okay, Had the treo 650 since it first came out and the first bluetooth head set I used was the Jabra 250. It was free =) Anyways it worked okay but I had nothing to compare it to. Then I recieve a Nokia HBW-3 and that work even better and didn't make me look like I work a hearing aid. Read the review about the HS850 and a couple of them said it was great. Bought one but it either didn't pick up or very static. Then decided to try the SE 660 because of the great review. Works great except my ear must be design wrong =) . So basically I kept 4 headset (hoping that someday the BT will be fix and I can use the HS850) Anyways last night I decided to try out my HS850 again. Guess what it work great. About on par with my Nokia one. Picked up the phone in about 2nd ring. Then I realize that I had my wireless router unplug. Plug it back in and the problems came back with the HS850.... took too long to connect and very static on my end.

    So those people that had an HS850 that gave it a great review probably were right BUT they probably didn't have an interference problem. So I'm gonna play with changing channel on my router and see if the interference problem is gone. Of course it might not help that my I have 2 cordless phone in the house too. =)
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    I thought everyone knew that Bluetooth and WiFi operate in the same 2.4GHz range. Other things to look out for: Microwave ovens and 2.4GHz cordless phones.

    BTW, I have a wireless network in my house. (That's why I use 5.8GHz cordless phones.) My Scala 500 headset works beautifully inside the house or outside. There IS a slight hiss when using it inside the house, but it's not too noticable unless I actually listen for it in a quiet room. In the car, or on the street, no hiss, no problems.
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