Hello All,
I would like to say i am the proud new owner of the Treo 650, however with all the issues i have been having it may be going back to the store for a refund. The main issue i have right now is similar to a lot of you in that i am have random but often soft boots. The Device could just be sitting on my desk and restart for no reason. One consistent reboot is when i receive a text message from Business Connect that i have a new email or when i try to make or receive a call 75% of the time it reboots after it reboots it seems to be fine for awhile. I have so far tried soft resets, and i just did a hard reset and this time installed most of the software to my expansion card. I will be down loading PowerRun to off load the rest but i have over 17 megs of space so could it still be a space issue? I havent even reloaded any of my contact information since the hard set rebuild. Just for information purposes this is what I did:
1) Hard Reset the Treo
2) Delete all software on the PC including backup files
3) using Sprint Disk Reinstall the PC software
4) Reinstall only included programs a) Documents To Go b) Business Connect c) Solitaire d) Zap 2016 e) Adobe for Palm OS
5) Setup Versamail and Business Connect Software
Without reinstalling my contacts i have been using it since i did that yesterday i have 17.8 Megs free and i have Blazer set to delete cache on exit. Now last night the phone just sitting on my desk reset twice, and this morning i received a text message from Biz Connect about an email and it reset. I am at wits end $600 for a device that resets during phone calls receiving email or just whenever it feels like it. I still have 20days to return the device and get my money back. Any insights from those veterans who have stuck it out with this deveice? Is my Phone bad should i get another device? Or do i take it back and wait a year? I have been wanting a good smartphone for a while now and really need a good email and contact manager device. I thought this was the answer now i am not so sure.

As a side note:
I purchased a Jabra 250 Headset(Bluetooth) and people say they can hear me fine, better than the phone or on the included hands free corded handset yet on my end the sound is choppy and garbled is this just how bluetooth is? Or should i get a different Headset? I have never used a bluetooth product so i dont know what to expect.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.