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    I've read over all the threads I can find...but still cannot get help for why my assigned ringers in my speed dials won't work when that particular person calls. It's blasted frustrating.

    Also, I know that Jayzee uses TCRinger v. 1.0, but I can't get it to work on my 650. It says "You must have a Handspring Treo to use this"... any thoughts on how to get that fixed? Anyone else here use TCRinger on the 650? I'm just looking for a simple solution to use the ringers I already have. I don't care about mp3 or ogg ringtones, I just want group and individual ring tones to work...

    Any help???
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    I have the same problem. I tried to record special voice tone to my assigned people in my speed dial and i assigned the voice tones as their ringer. No luck. Hope someone has a solution to our problems.
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    from what I understand you have to buy special software for it. I want to do the same thing and from all the information I could gather the only program that does this really well only works for the 600 and not the 650 and the developer is waiting for a GSM version of the 650 before updates are made. Oh yeah the program is call filter
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    It still doesn't make sense why the custom ring tones won't work. Frustrating.

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