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    I think that the latest releases of chatter have reduced battery usage. Maybe it's just me and I don't have a good way to prove it but I have a lot more battery life at the end of the day now than I did a couple of weeks ago. Marc, didn't you state in one of your recent update emails that you had done some things to reduce battery use?
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    I used 36% of my battery in three hours of use yesterday, so I cannot confirm any better battery economy yet. But one day doesn't prove anything, of course.
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    Yesterday, in the end, was 12.5 hours till the phone started to shut itself down. I used 45 minutes of phone time, 150 emails received, 75 emails sent out among which were about 10 with photo attachments. That's not as good as usual but I think I had more activity than normal.
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    Actually, that's pretty HEAVY usage, and 12.5 hours I think is excellent considering... Note this would be 50% better on a T650 and probably 2x on a GSM phone.

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    So you say. I have now turned off the LCD with tone option because it appears I don't really need it. For a while I did. Now I don't. Are you doing this purposely?
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    I understand that having a spare battery is an acceptable option, and given that I have Sprint, that I shouldn't expect as good battery performance as GSM, but the thing that irks me is that I was getting GOOD battery performance on an earlier release, even with the same number of online folders... now the battery performance is POOR (IMO)... something's changed, and battery life got cut in half... mblank any chance the "upgrade" to connectivity can be made optional?
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    I really think mine is slightly (or more) less but I haven't had the opportunity to compare it with a normal working day. I'll try to see if one occurs this week.
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    Addendum: I have a Sprint T650, and the only thing that appears different is that I spend some good portion of my evening in low signal (2-3bar) territory... any chance we could have an option to not force a reconnect if the signal strength is low? Was there a change made regarding low-signal reconnects say about 10 releases ago?
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    GSM 650
    1 online synced folder
    heavy email usage (about 100 messages a day)
    1 hour talk
    2 hours playing games including sound

    => total of about 36 hours batter life. Not bad at all.
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    Sprint 600
    1 online synced folder,
    heavy (??) email usage (100 messages received today. 15 outgoing messages, 1 or 2 attachments of less than 100K)
    45 minutes talk
    15-30 minutes wth various apps--maps, Blazer, etc.

    =>total of 14 hours. Long life battery, too!
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    14 hours sounds about right to me. With my Sprint 650 I get about the same battery life with similar usage (about half as many email messages, but twice the default download amount (5k each), and maybe an hour or so with other, mostly not data-consuming apps) on my 650 when I am in low signal areas (and one certain strong signal area that apparently has some data weirdness to it), and better when I'm in strong signal areas.
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