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    I work for Sprint and I currently own a 600. I recently sold several 650's to a local company though. They like them, but expressed concern with a few things. And since I dont own one yet, I figured I would go to the masses that do.

    This is what he said.

    "The versamail application is junk, autosync does not work… We cant assign individual ringers to favorite callers. Etc.etc.etc….. We have also had a very hard time with customer service and we have had phones vision services die after changing vision usernames, and passwords…. I still need to change several of them but am afraid I will have to go through the 2 hr long process of recovering vision to the phones as I did yesterday.

    Business Connection PE does not work if you have rules setup to move mail to a folder other than inbox. We basically have no solution to push email or autosync. We have to manually sync email or else do not get it. "

    A few of these I have already addressed, but is there any application this customer should use for mail (Exchange server). I'm not sure what to tell him about autosync...

    Really I guess I am looking for an app that would serve the customer than what comes with the treo.
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    Tell them to buy SnapperMail for the mail client.
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    I have no problem assigning midi ringtones to individual favorites. Are they trying to use MP3s? I agree with the snappermail suggestion--I think VersaMail sucks, too.

    Vision problems are your (Sprint's) problem, I suspect.
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