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    Does any1 have this original file, or tell me where i can get this from. I thought i had backed it up, but i must have never saved it.
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    This file is built into your ROM. There is no need to save it or back it up. You cannot delete it.

    If you are talking about Shadowmite's patched version of btManager for dial-up networking, you can get it in the following thread:
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    I did put shadow patched version on there, i want to replace it with the original again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jafa
    I did put shadow patched version on there, i want to replace it with the original again.
    Oh, that's easy.

    All you need to do is remove the patched version, which is sitting in RAM. When you do that, the original ROM version will become active again. It wasn't deleted when you installed the patched version. The Treo simply ignores the ROM version and instead uses the one in RAM.

    Browse the files using a free utility like FileZ. You will see there are two btMananger in RAM and one in ROM. Delete the one in RAM, do a soft reset, and you're done. And don't aren't able to delete the ROM one, so you won't delete the wrong one by mistake.
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    many thanks
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    Well, i have tried to delete it but it is not there??? any sugestions???
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    Attached is a screenshot of the file listing using FileZ. If yours looks the same (one copy of BtManager and one of BtManager_enUS, both with the rectangular chip symbol next to them), then you have the original factory installed Bluetooth manager.

    If the RAM version of the patched BtManager is installed, then you will see 3 files there...two BtManagers and one BtManager_enUS. The second BtManager will not have the rectangular chip icon next to it. The absence of the chip icon indicates that the file is in the RAM. That is the one you want to delete. You cannot see or do this using the regular Delete function in the launcher. You HAVE to use a utility like FileZ.

    This is all assuming you installed the DUN update in the RAM. If you did it by flashing your Treo with a custom ROM and you want to get rid of it, you will have to reflash with the original ROM, which you can download from
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