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    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of PalmPilotFrotz? The author has taken down his website and both handango and palmgear link their downloads straight to his site, so I am unable to download them. Also, if anyone had or knew where I could get all the Zork games that used to be posted on his site, I would appreciate it greatly.
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    Check the download link here:

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    I love the old text adventures and believe it or not they are still being made. Some better than the old ones. They are making a comeback.

    So seeing as you are also a fan I will do you one, okay many better.

    As for the main program for the Palm;
    There is an even better Z-machine interpreter program for the Pilot and it is called "ZIP".
    I used to use Frotz and now use this, as it is better. It is larger but I like the interface, you can save games (Good for multiple game playing) Not just the auto save. It also has direction buttons for N,S,E,W etc.. as well as an action drop down list for open, close, etc.. Makes playing better as you don't have to type as much. I highly recommend this for your text adventure enjoyment
    You can grab it here:]

    Now for the games. You want games, okay here are just a “few” links I think you will love. Happy Birthday whenever it is

    Try this one:
    Just remember to get the ones for “ZIP” (They should also run on frotz)
    This is a cool link as it gives information on the old games, like how many rooms and words and even pics of the original packaging etc… Great!

    Here is another very good link for a lot of games (Over 90!!) including Scott Adams. I am sure you know who he is right?

    What not enough? Oh okay how about ALL of the games from the competitions Try this link,

    I hope this helped and if you find any other cool games, please let us know. There are links to tons of links, more games than you will EVER be able to play!

    Oh while I am here, want to be able to map while you play? Check this out. I have not actually tried this one yet but it sure looks cool.
    (Note: just tested it real fast and it did a soft reset, I have a lot of hacks though, will play some more)

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