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    I have a letter of complaint about the quality of Treo phones that I want to send to anyone that will listen at pa1mOne, but I can't seem to find any email or physical addresses. Does anyone have any email addresses and/or physical addresses I can send my letter.

    Bob Everland
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    This may lead you to the information you seek.
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    I been there, it doesn't really have a place on where to send complaints. It mostly has to do with tech support issues.
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    isnt that the same thing? If you have problems you go to tech support. Ask them, maybe they will tell you where to go
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    Quote Originally Posted by kschoenberg
    This may lead you to the information you seek.
    Oh I misundestood and sent my complaints to these:
    Charter School Law Firm
    Delray Beach Online
    Boynton Inlet Fishing Club

    But they responded!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    If you have problems you go to tech support. Ask them, maybe they will tell you where to go
    Oh yeah - PalmOne tech support - they sure will....

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    complaining to P1 is like cornering ronald mcdonald @ some kids birthday party & telling him about the poor service u got @ the drivup window yesterday.
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    Anyone have any ideas yet? The palmOne site does not have any way for me to send a letter of complaint. Even selecting Sprint 600, not matter what the issue, will just send me to the spring PCS website.
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    I just sent my complaint letter to the corporate address "customer service division". Of course I haven't heard anything back from them... (then again that was only about two weeks ago).
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    try to complaine to the CEO of PalmOne
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    I'd love to, I would love to tell him all the horrible stories I have on a daily basis. I honestly am not sure if I am going to go to the Treo 650 due to the issues I have had with the Treo 600. I have constant crashes everyday on Blazer and SMS due to known issues. If they can't fix known issues on a phone that's only a year old then I'm not sure that's the kind of company I want to spend $600 on a cellphone with.
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    Just address it "Legal Department". ;P

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