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    Can anyone tell me how to uninstall Hot Date? I think it's messing up my hot sync. I keep getting "invalid Date" error messages.
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    Can't you just hit the menu button and then delete? If it comes back when you hotsync, delete it again and set the custom options on your pc to have the palm overright instead of sync.
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    Look ar SS@rr post about monitoring app install
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    If you have an app *already* installed, InWatch won't be any help. It's set up to monitor *new* installs so you can remove them later.

    *If* you're having trouble deleting with the standard OS delete (Launcher, Menu button, Delete option, select from list) *then* (and ONLY then) try Z'arf Catalog (Z'Catalog; freeware). It shows a lot more info (like creator ID). Check the creator ID for the app you want to delete and then sort the list by creator ID (tap on the column header for options or sorting). Delete everything with the same creator ID as the app; this will get any databases too.

    If you want to check for leftover prefs, checkout PrefMngr (shareware with trial period). It will find and allow deletion of orphaned prefs.

    Of course if you're using Launcher III just drag and drop the app onto the hammer icon. You'll get a delete option. (very )

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