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    Phonecontrol.NET is an app for connecting to bluetooth enabled phones.


    Zorro, the creator of the program, is a very active member of the forums at

    I am trying to interface my treo 650 with and along with one other user, having problems. I was trying to see if there was anyone that wanted to try and help. I believe for you need the .net framework, and probably the DUN hack from shadowmite. If you guys can think of any other way to establish a serial connection, that would be great. Thanks a lot from a long time reader/ 1st time poster
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    Wow...80 views but no one has tried it yet. Please! I NEED this
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    I looked at the application, but currently have no use for it. Maybe when I upgrade my car to one that has a built-in PC. For now, I'll be satisfied with not dropping calls on my T650 at the shopping mall.

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