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    First thing first: I know nothing. I am a would be hobbyist. I don't develop profesionally, but I would like to know the basics of Palm coding / development. Is there a site I can learn the basics? What language is code written in? Is it compiled? How do you create a .PRC? What tools do you need? etc...

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  2. #2 do you write a "Hello world" application for your treo
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    First you have to pick a language to develop in. Personally, I like Quartus Forth ( However, there are many others out there (some free, some cost a LOT). It all depends on what you want. I like Quartus because I can program right on my Treo (no desktop computer needed) and because it compiles into native code (no runtime libraries, and no slow down in your apps). Others will have their favorites...
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    keep this thread going.
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    yea bump
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    All the info, links, Software, Treo Simulator, and Sample programs You should need.
    And Staight from the horses mouth "palmone"
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    how do you subscribe to a thead with out posting to it.
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    Click on the Thread Tools box at the top of the thread.
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    Ok, so before this post decomposes into a "How to use thread tools" tutorial (lol) here's my two cents...

    I jsut started my new programing PALM quest a couple of days and headaches ago. First look at this post... it has a lot of good links. The one that especially helped me is the tutorial. It shows you how to get started and explains the PALM OS and the event-driven interface.

    Now getting your hands on development tools, well that was a pain for me! There's a good link here ( on how to install it on a windows system but here's a quick overview:

    Programs needed:
    Cygwin - Unix interface for Windows
    Gcc - Unix c-compiler
    Prc-tools - These are the unix compiler tools that help gcc build for PALM OS
    Pi1RC - A program that compiles your .rcp files
    .c files - Your code files
    .rcp file - A file that defines how your forms will look

    (1) Go to and install Cygwin so you can use it's unix interface to compile your programs. Be sure to pick the prc-tools and pi1RC packages with that installation.

    (2) Now go to and register as a developer. Remember to click on your account and accept the license agreement terms otherwise when you try to download it won't let you (this took me a day and a half to figure out!!!). Download the newest PALM SDK (ver 4.0). This will build programs for up to PALM OS 5. Why palm has differing versions for their SDK's and OS's is confusing to me!

    (3) Register at to be a developer (it's called their plugged-in program) and download the updated Treo headers and get the appropriate Treo simulator. The Treo headers aren't necessary to start PALM programming but they allow you to use the API's built specifically for the Treo phone to do stuff like get phone info, etc.

    (4) Now that you got the files downloaded, follow the tutorial on how to set it up in Windows and then plug away!!!

    Hope that helps... from one noob to another!
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    And rather than just using the straight-up prc tools, I'd strongly suggest getting the Palm OS Developer Suite (PODS) from PalmSource. It still requires the cygwin prc tools, but lets you work in the Eclipse IDE. There are wizards for creating projects (empty, Hello World, and a sliding puzzle game) which answers the question of 'How do I do Hello World' very nicely.

    PODS will manage your makefile for you, and supports multi-segment applications without too much difficulty (debugging will require a free patch from here). And the GUI resource editor is a dream compared to editing the old resource files by hand. Add in the Treo-specific headers and seamless integration with the various Simulators, and you end up with a tidy, free development environment.

    I had been thinking about buying CodeWarrior, but after getting the PODS/PRC-tools multisegment stuff working, I can't think of a good reason to do so. Anyone want to try to convert me?

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    It's a shame none of the actual *developers* on this site that hawk their programs and get tons of support and sales from the members here haven't posted anything here
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    You might want to check out this website
    It lists many different programming languages/environments for the Palm platform.
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    try this link, i think there are some basic tips and resources
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    wow, i feel like this is such useful information, i'd be dumb not to check it out. thanks for inspring me to program palm!
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    So is Quartus Forth actually up to date and does it support the Treo 600/650?
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    Talking about the Treo Simulator, I have downloaded the Palm OS Garnet 5.4 simulator, but it does not have ways to simulate the 5-way. Is there any other Treo Simulator which has the treo specifics like the 5-way?

    Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650
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    To answer my own question the Treo Specific Simulators can be downloaded from palmOne and not from PalmSource. So you need to signup for 2 different developer communities if you want to get the OS Developer Suite plus the Treo Simulator. I still need to get the Treo Simulator to work on my machine, but I at least know where to get it from now

    - Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650
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    So I downloaded the Treo 600 simulator and started it up. Now I'm on the "Setup step 1 of 4" screen ( and I can't figure out which keyboard key corresponds to the center button that the diagram on the screen indicates for selecting. Somebody please help me overcome this embarrassingly stupid problem.

    Thanks a lot.
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    I believe you simply "tap" with the mouse. At least, that's what worked on the 650 emulator.

    My problem is I downloaded PODS and can't find any tutorials at all... I have no idea where to start. Also, I tried to download the 650 specific headers from p1, but the file I downloaded just looks like the original install cd with nothing "developer" looking at all. :-(
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