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    So is the lack of ability of to upgrade the Palm OS a detraction in any way? I mean will I really be missing out?

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    not only will you be missing out, but so are the other 95% of palm owners who have flash ram but don't use it!!

    i really don't think so, but 5% of palm owners would disagree.
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    Exactly what "enhancements" has new OSes provided? And I've noticed some software says you must have ?.?? version or higher OS.

    That sounds like eventually people will get left behind.
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    Well, I used a Palm III (it has a flash ram) for 6 months before I bought my Visor. When OS 3.3 came out, I decided to take the splurge and upgrade the Palm III and see what was new. Some things were new, euro support, faster ir beaming (so it says on, I nevre beam much as is), and some more Hotsync options that I never really used. OS 3.5 is out, or will be out soon and from what I've read, there's nothing too big (okay, maybe being able to get the menu by the press the top of the screen), I've even heard from people to stay with 3.3 for compatibility issues (those who have moved up to 3.5 already)

    I've found nothing huge in these OS releases, and you have to remember, for a long time, OS patches were just a prc file sitting in memory. So, it's still technically upgradable, just not huge changes.

    To me, it's no big deal. Some people feel it is. I find nothing big yet worth a flash upgrade.

    You gotta remember, like previous post said, lots of people have a flash rom, but don't bother to upgrade. Even if it says the Visor OS is 3.1h, it actually contains lots of the stuff from 3.3. You can find 3rd party software to do the other things that Handspring didn't put in.

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    Thanks for the nfo guys.

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