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    Would it be possible to add an option to only allow pop ups when in the cradle (or better yet add cradled as a condition to all of the notifications)?For me it seems better suited to such use especially with onCradleon. When on my belt I can't move quickly enough to "catch" it. (I don't want to leave the popup an overly long time either b/c I am afraid that if I am driving I might accidentally mash the keypad hit ok and send out gibberish, and yes this has happened quite a few times to me.)

    In line with the parenthetical comment could it be possible to do two things with the pop up. 1) add a cancel button. Sometimes when I hit ok even if I think it is blank a reply goes out. And I do not necessarily want to delete the message to "make sure." 2) make this cancel the default action so if you mash the keypad or more likely the space bar by accident (in your pocket or belt) it will be harder to accidentally let the message out. Better safe than sorry.

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    Hi, Sam. Hmmmm... You should have to tap rocker-center before entering any input in the popup (so I'm not sure how keys can be hit by accident). Is that not the case for you? What phone are you using, btw? And what keyguard settings?


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