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    Having trouble downloading pics to Treo 600 with Cingular service. Download them to the card and have not been able to move them to the directory where I can use them in the Favorites folder.

    Tried e-mailing one as somone suggested but although the e-mail shows an attachment, it will not let me open it.

    I have downloaded the files using JPEG and sized them to 160 x 160.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    On your card - put the JPEGs in /DCIM/ (use the card reader in your computer or download Filez which is a file manager for Palm to move the pictures to the correct location)
    Launch the camera program on your Treo.
    Go to the view pictures mode (icon next to the camera at the bottom left).
    Select your card from the drop down (top right).
    Select a picture.
    For the category select whatever category you want (EXCEPT your card).
    Select the move or copy button (your choice).
    Now the picture will be on your Treo where you can assign it to a favorite!

    Hope this helps!
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