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    I downloaded some new Midi ringtones today and they're available to use as ringtones in the phone, but not Chatter. Does chatter not use the available tones on the phone?
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    Chatter should use all available midi tones. Are you sure they're midi? How many ringtones do you use? Which phone, by the way?

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    It's a Treo 600. All the files are Midi files, I don't have the ability to use any other file as a ringtone yet. Also, Waterfall and Waitin, which came with the phone, don't show up in the Chatter list. I can send you one or two of the files I downloaded using the Treo from if you'd like, but I'm pretty sure they're just regular Midi files. I downloaded them after installing the most recent version of Chatter. I tried restarting Chatter, but it had no effect.

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    Where is the tone stored? Does anyone else have this problem?

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    It's stored wherever the phone stores them when they are downloaded directly from the internet. I don't have an SD card. The 2 other missing ones of course are stored where the original files are stored. I'm not sure if you're looking for a path or something, or just whether or not they're on a card or the phone. They're on the phone.
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    I just installed 18.5. Most of the ringtones I downloaded are now available. However, it still seems to cut off the 2 bottom most. Remember I mentioned Waterfall and Waitin? Well, those were the 2 at the bottom that came with the phone. The 2 at the bottom including the ones I downloaded are Waterfall and Witchy Woman. Now those 2 aren't showing up. Seems like a loop is ending 2 iterations too soon maybe.

    Hope that helps.

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    Aha. I think I know what's happening; thanks!


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