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    What is the status with the 650 an Palm? Are they offering any type of bug fixes and/or memory fixes yet?

    Are they coming out with a modied version of the 650 with more memory?
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    No official announcements yet; strictly grapevine rumors. But the history of previous devices suggests that PalmOne, or any other manufacturer, would not risk losing al their customers in favor of avoiding the hassle of minor fix updates.
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    The 650 is GREAT. I loved it when I first got it for Christmas. Then I returned to my home in NYC, and loaded all my OLD Palm stuff onto the 650. THAT is where I began to have problems.

    Some old programs simply don't run on the 650... which sucks, until you find a free replacement. This takes some time... but ultimately, I've been able to tweak my 650 to my liking. It took a couple weeks (REALLY)... but now, it works!

    Most of the things the 650 NEEDS are FREE BUT, you will need an aplication like ZLauncher ($19.95) to really make it shine. I really think Palm is going to add better Memory stick functionality, until they (ever) do, but Zlauncher RULES. Spend a night, and work your way through ZLauncher's instructions, with the 650 at your side. Find out what ZLauncher can do, and CONFIGURE your Palm to your liking while you read. DL the Free 30 day ZLauncher Trial, and see if you want to buy it READ THE DIRECTIONS.

    ZLauncher moves all programs and data to your hard drive, and it does it well. Once you have ZLauncher running your programs, you can clean a bunch of your PALM/Launcher folder on your Memory card.

    Oh yes, you also need a MEMORY CARD. At least Palm lets you get a 128 mb card for free... but really, a GIG is perfect (MP3's, programs, Ebooks, Photos, ZLauncher themes, Videos, Voice Memos, Backup Files). ZLauncher comes with an AMAZING File Manager, that makes memory management simple.

    I have 15.5 mb free on my 650's HD (Your results may vary, my apointment, to-do, and contact lists are fairly small). The memory card holds all the programs the HD holds all the unmovable stuff... and the data for those unmovable files. THERE'S PLENTY OF ROOM. And room to run any program that needs to be loaded into memory from the card. At ANY time!

    THE GOLDEN TIP that WILL SAVE YOU WEEKS, during your 650 setup is this: ##377

    If your 650 crashes, go into the phone app, and dial ##377... the PHONE TELLS YOU WHY IT CRASHED! You can remove THAT program, reinstall... or find a free replacement. Without ##377, the Treo 650 will likely SOFT RESET A LOT. To the point of insanity in MOST cases. So, use ##377, you'll be MUCH happier. AND you'll see the 650 works LOGICALLY if you know what crashes it.

    So, for a working 650, keep it close to the factory settings, or if you wish to add a bunch of software, you need ZLauncher, and a memory stick and you MUST SPEND THE TIME TO LEARN HOW IT WORKS. The 650 IS a laptop (Once you learn it). It does EVERYTHING you need it to do, but there is trial and error involved (To make it YOUR Treo 650). Most of us are upgrading from a different type of palm, different OS, different resolution, no phone, no color, 8 mb of memory... you get the idea, most people are updating from lessor palms. It takes some time to learn this new hardware. It is like switching to a new version of Windows or Mac OS. IT TAKES SOME TIME, and some things don't work the same way they used to... but once you figure it out, you will find NEW, BETTER ways of doing what you want to do.

    It is easier to personalize, and tweak your Palm to your liking with ZLauncher than with Palm's OS, but I imagine Palm's taking notes and someday may add MORE functionality to the 650.

    So, to review: Zlauncher, Memory stick, ##377, patience, FREE SOFTWARE from or other websites and PATIENCE. Learn how to manage your memory, and if an old program doesn't work on the 650, FIND A BETTER, NEWER, FREE REPLACEMENT. As you install stuff, work one program at a time, don't load 20 programs at once. It makes it HARD to find the problems.

    Follow my advice, and your TREO will rock, beyond your expectations (or wait and see what Palm does for the 650 in the future). AND, you'll have it configured in 1/3 the time it took me!
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