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    Anybody find a good prog that will keep track of your cash flow?
    When I go to the atm I can add the money to my cash acount and then when I go the the store I can subtract that then subtract the coffee I bought at Starbucks, then when my buddy pays back the 5 bucks he owes me I can put that back in....
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    Maltair, I swear by QuikBudget.
    It is only $20, but it is worth every penny.
    It uses as a metaphor a series of "wallets", one for each of your major expenditures.
    Since I started using it, I always know where my buget stands.
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    Hey thanxs Winchell. I tried it but it wasn't what I was looking for. Anybody else have a good prog to keep track of spending?
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    I've been using PMT. It's sort of like using quicken in that you create accounts for everything. Especially nice if you're familiar with double-entry accounting because it seems to be based upon the old A=L+C equation. But such familiarity is not necessary to use it.

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