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    I bought a treo 650 the day before christmas and I love it . My question is, what would be the best software for storing and launching programs from an SD card. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Seems to be a "religious war" question here... there are folks in both camps.

    I have had great success with zlauncher. Nice interface, solid performance and great support from the authors (in the form of many, many releases of the product). It's sophistication and flexibility cause a fairly steep learning curve, but the investment is worth it.

    Given the T650's memory issues, this program and a big SD card are an essential.

    Never used powerrun.
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    I guess if all you want to do is store and launch, PowerRun would be the best, since thats what it does.

    If you want a pretty interface, skins, etc, plus a file explorer, Zlauncher is the way to go. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I've used both and both are good. I find that occassionaly ZL picks up more db's than PRPRPR.
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    I am a registered user of both apps but have settled with PowerRun on the 650. Both are GREAT and ZLauncher packs a lot of options and features. I lived out of the thing on my Clie NX70v but find ZLauncher to be less appealing on the 650 due to the smaller screen size and no scroll wheel.

    If you simply want to move and launch apps to and from the SD card, PowerRun and something like FileZ are a perfect package. If you want a bunch of other goodies (along with a slight learning curve), go with ZLauncher.

    Better yet, try a free demo of both and see how they work for you!

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