Hey all,
firstly, i'm new here, so be gentle

secondly, i'm relatively new to the Palm OS.
I've been working on windows based PDA's and smartphones for quite some time, creating self healing SOE's.
basically, we configure our applications and user data via the extended ROM.
so that if the devices runs out of power, once charged, the unit can restore itself back to the way it was.

how we did this was, by downlaoding a ROM update, hacking into the file, and loading all our apps and registry settings.the flashing the device.

Is there any such way of doing this with the Treo?

Can i load my mail sync software, and my encryption software, onto an SDcard, or into the ROM, so as they automatically execute from there upon a hard reset?

or am i asking too much :P ?

any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
cheers !