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    Just curious, how come the treo doesn't support ringtones that are actual songs? My buddy has a cheap t-mobile phone and he can download song ringers on his, all I get is the tones.

    I have read about other programs to play mp3 ringers... what's the deal with this?

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    I don't know about previous Treo's, but the Treo650 supports Mp3 ringers. It also supports Midi and wav ringers.
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    Really... with no 3rd party software?
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    Not mine, not as far as I know...Have to convert MP3 to amr (via Nokia Desktop software) to use on the phone. Will do wav's but they appear to be converted on the phone when selecting for use...

    Unless I am doing something wrong...
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    Here are some midi tones you can download via your Treo and use -
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    try, I use it. It is pretty good
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    If you're a fan of old school Motown tunes: . Be sure to check out the Earth, Wind & Fire page -- many there have truly rich sound.

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