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    I spoke to a Sprint Level II rep today for a Versamail problem. (My email was not downloading to my treo despite that it visually downloaded from the server but did not appear on my unit.) I needed to recreate my Versa account then discard the old one.

    I asked the Rep why would the account suddendly stop working after my having no problems and he said that in time VERSA CORRUPTS ITSELF.

    He said that P1 is releasing a fix in Feb. that will address a few problems as opposed to releasing a patch for each problem. We will see.

    He described in detail the memory issue along with an analogy as well as the Auto Sync problem so i would give him some credibility.

    I'm just passin on infor for those who care, etc. so no flames.
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    Thanks, glad to know PalmOne really cares. I hope they are monitoring TreoCentral discussion; particularly the negative posts about the many software quirks and constant resets. I'm not hacker, and so I find it scary to approach some of the ROM patches posted here frequently, partularly those that have a big red disclaimer that says "It may render your phone totally useless." I wannaa enjoy my $600 for a year before I render it a paper weight.
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    well i hope they read this stuff.
    i had a versamail problem all weekend - despite hard resets etc. it would only download one message at a time, and then i would get an error message.
    finally a tier 2 guy suggested exactly what was described above - creating a new account, deleting the versamail acount, and presto - perfect. he, too, confessed that P1 was working on a better solution and thought it would happen within a month...
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    My guess is the new gsm version of the Treo on Cingular will have the new firmware. That means we'll probably be getting it for Sprint about the same time Cingular launches.

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