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    Might be a dumb question, but since the Tungsten T5 (aka Tungsten E2) does not come with a cradle I was wondering if they also failed to include one with the Treo 650?
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    No cradle. And AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $P1$ $isn$'$t$ $even$ $offering$ $one$ $as$ $an$ $accessory$ $on$ $their$ $site$ $yet$ ($but$ $I$ $haven$'$t$ $checked$ $lately$.) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    The cradle kit for T650 is coming soon. According to many vendors it will be available on January 27. The price varies from $34-$59 between dealers. I ordered the $34 kit, no difference, so why pay $59???

    But this is still a low blow by P1 to the owners of its top of the line phone. The cradle should've been icluded in the box, not made an accessory for additional money and certainly not 3-4 months later than the product.
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    (And agreed .... dumb move.)

    At the very least I wish the old cradles would work. Bummer.
    Maybe one day they will simply switch to a (gasp) standard! Like USB 2.0 or some such thing.

    Anyway .... gotta run. Thanks again.
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    I find it strange about the cradle also. I have purchased the extra battery and I am on a wait list for a cradle, but what did they expect me to do with the battery until then? This switch in and out to make sure they both stay charged is getting old.
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    I was told by someone at PalmOne Corporate that the cradle will be available when the GSM phones are released. I am pretty upset at the entire 650 release process! Software quility was/is very low, little to no developer support and no cradle. This was nothing more than a marketing initiative by P1 and Sprint to boost '04 revenues. It is obvious that quality or a complete go to market plan was ever put in place.

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    The 650 cradle seems to be on order on as well for $35... You can have them email you when it comes in and is available for shipping.

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