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    Hey all, I just found out about the Pendragon browser. It looks awesome! You can schedule it to download webpages at any time, and it will transfer them at next hotsync. It also has a 55k footprint, unlike AvantGo's 247k. Here's a link to the developer's website:

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    we were discussing this awhile back..
    it sounds like there may be some problems with it...
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    I have been using Pendragon browser for about 3-4 weeks now and have had no problems with it. The only complaint I have is trying to find some of the websites that Avantgo references to.
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    I really like iSiloweb. But I have the same problem as Penndragon. All the Palm sites are linked to Avantgo and it can be hard to find the urls. I tried checking my Avantgo channels on the Avantgo web site, but in most cases it doesn't show the url. I've been trying to find several for instance PC World's Palm url. I don't know how Avantgo got this all locked up, but I would think the sites themselves would like others to come and download their sites! I can't say enough good things about iSiloWeb!
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    Have you tried contacting the authors of the web pages you're trying to go to? I've found that most are quite willing to give out that information. Just ask them what page Avantgo links to.

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    I've sent several emails to different sites. I haven't received any replies yet. I'm trying to get the URL for PC World and Palmstories.

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