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    After playing around with my new Treo 650 for way too many hours these past two days there are two applications or features that I would love..

    Maybe someone out there know of something?

    1) Verichat
    I love verichat - it works great - apart from that I can't silence it!!
    I have turned off every sound and tune in the preference setting and STILL it makes that loud noise when a message comes in. I can silence it with the button on top of the phone but it still vibrates even though that it off in the preferences. Damn... can't make it shut up (kind of like me..)
    ANY way to fix this?

    2) Security
    I'm using the security code on it so one can't actually USE the phone until the key is entered - but what I want is something that wont DISPLAY or allow you to USE anything before a password/key combination is entered. Even with the security code on any instant messeges can still be SEEN on the screen. Annoying. Any application out there to fix this?

    Phew, those two are it for now
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    You can set up instant messages to not display in preferences.
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    And duh! I THINK I just hit my forehead... Swear I've been looking there 15 times but right infront of my face is the preference setting 'audible chat request alert' setting...and it is also the option of turning off the vibrate.... ooook...just gonna go away and hide now......
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    Don't hide, it's good to have you here.
    We all ask a lot of questions.

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