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    I have $15 Vision Unlimited Internet Access plan, and just called to switch to the $10 plan.

    As far as I know $15 plan comes with $5 credit towards downloads, and $10 does not. That's the only difference.

    However, when I just called CS, he had no idea about that $10 plan. There are two plans for unlimited access, both of them are at $15 but one is without the Picture e-mail support (but with $10 credit towards download)

    Was $10 plan a promotional one that just ended or is this CS rep just refusing to acknowledge it and give it to me?

    Anyways, what's the exact name of the $10 plan? Does anyone know?
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    I think that it's just not being offered anymore. New customers/contracts may have to get the current pricing.
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    Correct, this is an old option no longer available.
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    Ouch. That hurts :-(

    Thanks for the update, people.
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    It's called the offer me a better plan or take it off plan. I called in to complain about sprint's bad customer service (what else is new?) and the only thing the agent would do was offer a $5 discount off my current plan. this was just a week or so ago.
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    I have the $10 dollar plan but when I called yesterday to get it the csr had no idea what I was talking about and wouldn't let me speak to anyone else until I told her to connect me to the retention depaetment and the detention rep gave me the plan instantly.... so it is still there but just not advertised..
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    It used to cost $10 a few years ago. They raised the price to $15.
    Our nighttime voice minutes don't start till 9PM. Yours probably
    start at 7PM.

    I have Vision on my phone but not on my wifes. We want to replace
    my wife's phone (currently an add-a-phone on my plan). The manager
    at the Sprint store said the only way to get Vision on her phone would
    be to raise my price. (I guess a new phone with rebate would be tied
    to a new plan and new rates.) Perhaps if I bought a phone off of EBay,
    I could add Vision onto her plan for $5/m while keeping my vision at $10.
    Does anyone have experience with this?

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    I only have had sprint for 1 month so its not an issue where I had 10 dollar vision before. my night minutes do start at 7 only because I pay the extra 5 dollars for it. if you want the 10 dollar unlimited vision you more then likely won't get it from a csr as I didn't. I had to get transferred to the retention department and they gave me what I wanted..give it a try and post results..
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    What I don't get is why I have the $10 plan & it includes everything (unlimited web access, text messaging, picture mail) but I have to pay extra for videomail! Does anyone have a plane with videomail included? That's where Sprint makes all their money is add-ons...
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    The old plan was called the Vision "Access Pack." I'm pretty sure it's still offered on some business plans, but if you speak to retention, you should be able to get it. Call (800) 658-7564.
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    video mail is separate at $5 or $10 based on which vision plan you have. Unlimited text messaging is $5 with vision plans. Otherwise you get a 100 text message limit included in all vision plans.

    Yes, I do believe that SprintPCS went to lengths to confuse people about their plans. Tis is advertised, this is a limited time, this is grandfathered, this is already included in your plan but I'm gonna see if I can sucker you into buying it anyway

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