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    Just wondering which program everyone uses for AIM,MSN,YIM? Like for example whichs shows your idle,away message icons that has basically everything??and would it show a phone icon next to your name while your online or not??please help!
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    Do a search for Verichat, Causserie, Agile Messenger...check out the pros/cons of all.
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    I can be seen online all day, but i doesnt necessarily mean that my phone is cosntantly checking the chat servers. Only when someone IMs me or vice versa does it log into the server. When i get a message, I get an SMS message telling me to sign in from my phone. Once I'm signed in I can chat like a normal computer. And its very fast.
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    Verichat doesn't provide easy access to more than one AIM account. You can use more than one service at a time, but you can't easily store login/password for more than one AIM account... much less sign on with multiple AIM accounts at once. It also runs all your chats through their own server, for which I myself have no real need, although it does enable you to be online whether your phone is or not.

    I use the free AIM client from It's old, buggy, ugly, and slow, but it's also free and it works well enough to chat while I'm waiting for something. It also supports the AIM-style popup of previously-used accounts for easy account switching.

    Is there a better AIM client that makes it easy to switch among multiple accounts?
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    Causerie Premium supports a couple simultaneous AIM connections, but it's $35/year. You can get three years for the price of two. I'm currently evaluating it and verichat.
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    Why isn't anyone using the free Aim and Yahoo messenger that sprint offers with the vision packs?
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    cause they suck
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    Verichat has a premium edition (currently in beta or alpha or whatever they call it) which does this and other stuff. Ask PDA Apps support and get on the beta program.
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    I use Causerie all day and I think it is a very well written app. I find the bots and multiple login support very useful. None of these features are currently supported by any other apps.

    Causerie has the 2 way SMS support in their next release which was missing in their first version.

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