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    HelloDirect has 2 Jabra BT250's with a car charger for $99.99. I just ordered them to see if they perform better than the Motorola HS820 (shiver) that I bought yesterday and will be returning after these arrive.
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    Never heard of that website. Is it a legit one? Let us know when you get yours
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    HelloDirect has been around forever - they're an old-school office phone supplier. Have used them many times. Will let you know as soon as they arrive.
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    oh ok. ill get one too then, eventhough I already have the 660
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    I just got an email - backordered through 1/31. Seems I wasn't the only one to spot the deal.
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    I had the P1 BT 250 and it had static where my 660 is flawless...about 12 inches from the phone. My 660 has a range of about 10 feet without a hint of problems.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up as to the P1 version of the 250, which is supposed to be tweeked for the 650.


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