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    I bought stereo headphones for my Treo 650 but without the volume control and the answer call button. I am considering buying Seidio headphones pictured here, but would like to hear some opinions first.
    Has anyone bought these and have any opinions on them? How's the retractable cord? Once it's retracted, how does it stay that way? Is it a mechanism similar to a tape measure? How is the sound quality?
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    re: retractability.

    it is more like a window shade. you pull it to a certain point and it just stays. i thing there are 3-4 points that it will stay.

    i had one of these for the 600. it no longer stays retracted if i pull it out to the furthest length. i dont use it any more.

    re: sound i didnt notice any difference from their regular headphones, which i am currently using.
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    Moved to accessories.

    I have an older version of these. They work as advertised.
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    Just beware of quality issues with all Seidio products. I've had multiple products from them that have failed and will not buy Seidio again. It's too bad because they tend to have the products we want at a fair price - but with poor quality.

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