I need some help.

I want to be able to hotsync and have internet access through a bluetooth connection to my laptop. Here is what I can do or have done:

I have set up a com port (5) for the BT adapter.
I do have "local" checked on Hotsync Manager (HSM)
I have com port 5 chosen on "local" tab in HSM
I have set up a "incoming connection" for "comms cable between 2 computers" - This is set for port 5 as well.

If I have the connection active, I can connect via BT and surf the internet but can not hotsync.

If I have the connection deactivated, I can connect via BT and hotsync.

If I try to have them both active, HSM says that com port 5 is in use. No hotsync but yes for internet access (through my pc - internet sharing).

I have tried to set up a second com port but that did not work either.

Need step by steps if anyone has pulled this off.

Remember - looking for help doing internet and hotsync through BT to a single computer connected to www.

Thanks in advance.