I'm having an issue with my Treo 650 dialpad screen either blanking out or becoming distorted. When the screen becomes distorted, usually the time and date appear in a large font near the top of the screen with the remainder of the screen a jumbled mess (about the color of baby-**** brown). This seems to happen when I lose the Sprint signal. The only items which remain on a blanked out screen are the icons located at the top (signal strength, battery condition, Sprint, BT, time, date, etc.). This seems to happen when I regain the Sprint signal.

I've noticed it only happens when I lose or regain the cell signal. It is easily corrected by going to any other screen and then back to the dialpad screen. I have no wallpaper and have only changed the default colors of the device.

This is my first palm device and so I'm kinda clueless. I found a similar issue posted in the 600 forum, but no one ever posted a solution. The best idea I've found so far is that it is a redraw issue with the software. Any help/ commiseration would be appreciated. Thanks.