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    I searched, but didn't find anything explicit. What are the settings you use for the free version of Fastmail in the smtp setup of Chatter? I had it working last week, but can't get it to work now with Chatter in ROM, and suspect running from ROM is keeping it from working - not sure why, since it stores the info, and everything else seems to work.

    My settings I've tried are:
    Server: and I've tried

    Login name: login and I've tried

    Password: do I have to enter this anytime I revise the login name? It always says -Assigned-

    Return address:

    The weird thing is that I have the smtp set up the same for my inbox and for my "personal" folder, but when I try to send from my inbox, it gives me an error immediately that either my server or return address is not set up, while if I send from personal, it logs in the account and gives me an error after authentication. This is why I think it might be a running from ROM issue.

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    the "free" fastmail account does not include have to use your carrier's smtp server for outgoing and then make your "reply to" and "from" stuff the way you want it to look...i use sprint and the server is usually includes

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    Thanks, that's what I thought Fastmail says in their FAQ, but for some reason I was able to send from Chatter/Fastmail last week. I just checked my deleted items on my PC, and my test emails are there...
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    I can't explain how it worked last week, that's for sure... But as I remember, detroitkruk is right about the free accounts at fastmail.


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