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    I carry my 650 in my front pants pocket (in a Palm form-fit leather case). I'd like to be able to carry a keyboard in a pocket as well. Does this seem feasible for this keyboard, and do you think that the keyboard is both (a) sturdy enough and (b) well-protected from dirt&cracker crumbs in its case, to carry in this manner?
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    I just got a Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard. It turns out that (at least on my setup on my 650), it's incompatible with TextPlus's "Textplus Anywhere" mode.

    When the TextPlus Anywhere checkbox is checked, typing characters from the Stowaway keyboard results in many lost/dropped chars. I found clues for this using PalmInternals's "Notif" button:

    Oh, and it doesn't fit in a pants pocket, but does come with a nice case.

    One annoyance is that the online PDF manuals for the keyboard are encrypted and therefore I can't carry them around with my in DocsToGo.

    All just for general information ...
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    Another followup: at this point I can't recommend the Stowaway keyboard unless you don't use any other Bluetooth devices. This is because it turns out that once you have enabled the Stowaway keyboard, you must explicitly "disconnect" from that keyboard using its Palm control applet. If you fail to do so, then your other bluetooth devices won't work; even a Treo reset won't resolve the problem. Furthermore you can't complete this disconnection procedure without using the actual keyboard itself.

    I had to turn the keyboard back on (luckily I had it with me) and go through that disconnection procedure, then reset my Treo 650 once more, before I could finally use my hands-free car kit (Parrot Easydrive) again.

    More info here:

    I'm thinking about asking the Stowaway manufacturer for an RMA since this issue is so severe. This is a shame because I really admire its hardware engineering.

    If I hear that this issue has been fixed, I'll try to followup here.

    If anyone has another suggested workaround (maybe using Saved Preferences?) which doesn't require the keyboard, I'd be glad to experiment and report back.
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