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    New to the visor... which I love so far. However it seems there aren't that many apps for Macs if I just go by the .hqx and .sit icons on palmgear... Is it possible to download an .hqx file on a Mac, unstuff it w/ stuffit deluxe and upload? Some software sites just list "any OS" as a reqmt for their product though only .hqx files are available?

    Also, how does purchasing shareware on wk? Do they email you the actual software or do they just give you a code/password which activates whatever you buy and download from the site?

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    Unless there is a desktop companion to the software, all Palm software is just that...Palm software, it doesn't matter if you use a Mac or PC or Linux or what have you.

    And SIT file is a STUFFIT file. An HQX file is a BinHexed Stuffit file. a ZIP file is a ZIP file. Stuffit Expander, available for free at for both Mac and PC will allow to decompress any of those file formats.

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