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    I want to develop java apps and games for my treo 600. can I code these directly on my treo like I would be able to with tools like pocketc and izibasic?
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    Nope. You need a .jad and a .jar file. The .jad is just a text descriptor so no problem there. The .jar contains precompiled and pre-verified .class files. Since there is no javac utility for Palm (that I know of) you're SOL.

    If you really wanted to do it you could set up a system like Adobe does where you email them a .pdf file and they email back a .txt or .html file. You would send the .java file and it would send back a .jar

    You could then put the .jar and .jad into and .html page on your SD card. If you point blazer to it the IBM JVM provides for OTA installs. I wouldn't care that the web page was local.

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