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    Dear all,

    I brought a Tre600 in HK on last May and moved to Vancouver on Sept.
    My Treo got a famous "Searching for Network problem" recently.
    I found a local services telephone no. in Palmone webite and I called them.
    I told them I lost my receipt and asked if I could have the International Warrant.
    After few minutes of asking my personal informations and the Treo series no. He said Palm would sent me a new replacement.
    I will never forgot I had my first Palm (a gift of Palm V) few years before.
    And the palm V had some problems. Palm did sent me a new replacement just like this time. I can't imagine if any of Pocket PC or MS Mobile hardware company will do the same to me so.
    I think only this reason is worth my loyal to Palm

    After I got my Treo a week after, I had another surprise.
    The picture quality taking by the new Treo 600 is more sharp than the old one.The white balance is more realistic. I attach a picture for you guys to see the different. The right Treo is the new one.

    Therefore, I think there would be a patch for the Tre 600 cam.
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    The right Treo600 is the new one.
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    Hey Tony, the photos didn't upload...

    My second T600 had a much better camera too.
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    Hey Guys, is this impovement part of the later firmware update?
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    Hi Kgit:

    Some guys in this site already said Tre650 are using the same cam of Tre600
    but the Tre650s' pics quality are much better because of the later firmware.
    I think it is true. Why don't PalmOne release the patch files for other Tre600's users to download?

    Hi Big OTR Fan

    I try two times but are not working.
    I try again now. Let's see
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