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    i have a treo 650 and have palm desktop installed on my powerbook. i have the isync conduit installed as well, and it all works fine.. for the most part.

    my calendar (ical) and address book (the mac address book) all sync up fine, new files are installed ok.

    the problem is that sometimes when i sync, the stupid palm software reloads all this crap onto my phone and seems to set the content back a week. when i say content i mean stuff like application versions (and data) and my call history, even some of the contacts. it's like the software decides to restore from a backup.

    i use an uninstall manager to remove old apps that i'm not using but the stupid palm software re-installs all this stuff. i have the palm software set to backup media only and to only run the isync conduit. why does it keep re-installing all these programs?
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    From Palm Technical support:
    This issue is caused that the system was not able to grant permissions to it user to access a folder.
    To resolve this issue, I suggest that you do the following to resolve your issue:
    1. * * * * In the finder, search for the files com.palm.HS
    2. * * * * Delete this file and run HotSync®.
    3. * * * * If you get the error, or can’t HotSync, check that Transport Monitor & Palm Desktop Background is only running once by using Process Viewer under Jaguar, or Activity Viewer under Panther. Try to HotSync.
    4. * * * * Run the “Repair Disk Permissions” utility if your still experience the same problem.
    If this will not solve your issue please do this work around:
    1. * * * * Follow this path hard disk/Users/username/documents/palm/users
    2. * * * * Drag all the files from this directory to your desktop except for the Palm Users

    3. * Then run HotSync.

    Run the HotSync operation to download the entries to your handheld.


    Note that this has now happened randomly to me 3 or 4 times. Finally broke down and bought Missing Sync. Unfortuantely Missing Sync deletes memos on your palm so make sure you back them up.

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