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    I wonder what the experienced views have to say to the following question:

    Best headset to go with a Treo 600 based on the following criteria:

    - best sound quality
    - comfortable to wear
    - not necessarily BT
    - primary usage in the car
    - regardless of price ... ?

    Many thanks,

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    I love my little Jabra earpiece. The one I use is doesn't have the boom mic, just an inline one. It has lasted over a year. I wear it at least two hours out of the day. Voice quality is great on both ends. I just lost it last week, so now I'm thinking about going the whole adapter/BT thing. The 600 is not BT compatible, but if you want to use a BT earpiece Jabra makes one that is for use with their line of BT stuff. You plug it in to the headphone jack and pair the items. I don't know if it makes other brands of BT earpieces compatible, though. I'll be getting a GSM 650 when they are available, so I'm going to give the Jabra BT800 a serious look when they hit the shelves. The adapter will carry the voice signal to my trusty 600, and when I get my 650, it will have full capability (according to Jabra tech).

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