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    I'm looking for a good case to carry and protect my and my wife's 650s. I like the looks of the Sena and Vaja cases but the Senas fit my budget since I'll be buying two.

    A few questions for any that have a Sena for their 600 (since the 650 cases aren't out yet):

    -Can you feel the phone vibrate in the case?
    -How well can you hear the speaker through the cutout?
    -Do the exposed corners get banged up or does the surrounding leather still help?
    -How well does the ratchet swivel clip work?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. I cannot decide between the Sena and the upcoming Seidio clip-style holster along with egrips. The Seidio clip-style holster and identical Proclip holster are both supposed the be out this week.

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    The Sena case for the 600 does not have a ratchet swivel clip as an option. It has an optional metal stub that is located towards the top of the case to avoid the T600 from freely rotating in the clip. The T650 case does have the ratchet clip option...for this case the stub is dead-center to accomodate 360 degree swiveling.

    Can't give you any input on the other questions...waiting for my T650 case (non-clip) to arrive...
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    Thanks awesterink. I appreciate your input. Picking a case is a tough decision...especially when buying two.

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    I have Sena case for my T600. It is almost like a skin case. I really like it. The clip is not ratchet clip. Rather it is metal ultra clip. Very sturdy. I have been using it for 4 months and my T600 never fell down. The clip is very easy to use.

    You can feel the vibrate and hear the ring as if there is no case. It is no problem.

    As I said my T600 have not fallen but Sena case + screen protector did a good job preventing from all the scratches.

    I am definitely get their MagnetFlipper case when I get my T650. I am just waiting for the GSM version.
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    Thanks davidG! Looks like I'll be ordering 2 magnet flippers along w/2 Boxwave anti-reflective screen protectors.


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