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    I'm looking for a BT speaker phone for my car. Something that I can toss in the glovebox when not using or carry with me. I've seen ads for the Jabra SP-100, anyone try it? Any suggestions?
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    I used the Motorola version and am returning it today. Problems were:

    1. Not loud enough
    2. Battery is very poor - needs constant recharging
    3. Outgoing calls are okay - BT quickly transfers to Speaker. However, incoming calls are a joke. Takes 20-30 seconds for call to be transferred to speaker.
    4. Cannot answer with multi-function button on Moto speaker. Must answer call with Treo.
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    Ok, I tried the SP-100 and it was loud enough, but didn't work 3 out of 5 calls. Would just stop working in the middle of calls. Returned it and they sent me another one, did the same thing.
    I also tried the Moto but you cant hear it.
    I am now using the supertalk/supertooth. It is by far the best and it is so loud I have to turn it down.
    I have the Gold Lantern Supertalk. It is identical to the Supertooth.
    I bought mine at and got it delivered the next day. I am very, very happy. It clips to the visor via strong magnet so even if you have to flip the visor down, you can just stick it to the other side of the clip. It is very, very, very loud and connects every time. I highly recommend this. It took me a long time to find this device. Also, I haven't had to recharge it since I bought it 4 days ago. Comes with charger for the car and house. Also, after about 2-3 seconds, incoming calls ring through the supertalk and you can answer the call with the button on the supertalk, no need to even touch the phone!

    They also have it at
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    Can you intiate calls from the Supertooth with voice tags or does this still need to be done at the phone? Are you using it with a 650?
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    I am using it with my beloved 650. I don't think calls can be initiated with voice tags through the speaker. The manual was not great and it didn't have any instructions on how to do that.
    However, I did install the palm voice dial program yesterday and it works pretty good. Just click the quick button, say the name and mobile or work etc, and it dials, then transfers to the supertalk.
    Aside from not being able to voice dial through the bt device, it is overall a great unit!
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Heat00, I'll look into getting one. I'm getting sick of driving and having to hold the 650 close to the ear even when in speakerphone. Honestly can't figure out why they call it a speaker can't hear it in the car!!!
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    I have the Moto, and I found it to be loud enough ----- however, the battery isn't awesome ------ but I'm happy with it - i'm gonna check out the this SuperTalk one though
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    You are right. The factory speakerphone in the handset is almost useless. I don't have the worst hearing in the world, but I cannot hear it in the car either. Trust me, if you get your hands on a supertalk, you will be pleased. It is plenty loud !! Probably 6 times louder than the moto. I did try the Moto but it didn't fit on the visor first of all and the 1 watt speaker really didn't seem loud enough, especially in the car. Other than that, the moto did work well, connected effectively on every call. Matter of personal prefference I guess.

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