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    Well my licence for verichat is up tomorrow, I have had it two years and really like it. Im looking for opinions so I can decide to renew my licence or get causerie.
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    Tough call. I've been evaluating pretty much all of them, and have come down to these two. I like Verichat a little better now, but Causerie is supposed to have a new release soon with some of the same features verichat has now like two way SMS.
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    On the UI and usability perspective, Causerie has a rich look and feel. It ranks better than Verichat in that perspective.

    On the functionality part, both have some "extra" features. Causerie has multiple accounts support, Bots etc and Verichat has SMS support.

    I got a chance to look at Causerie beta and they have 2 way SMS and some additional features as well.

    On the whole, I liked Causerie better than Verichat and is certainly worth trying.

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