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    With phone technician installed on my treo 650, when I use a "funky ringer" and answer an incoming call with the green phone button instead of tapping on the screen, the phone keeps vibrating and ringing even after I have answered it!

    These are my phone technician settings:

    midi tone: playful
    init volume: 3
    vibrate 2x
    only vibrate if ringer off: unchecked
    set led: leave
    repeat every: 3 seconds
    silent for: 2 repeats
    volume increase each repeat: unchecked

    Can anyone else with Phone Technician duplicate this issue?

    I wanted to use the "screen off" option so the call doesn't get answered before I pull the phone out of my pocket.

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    I cant tell you how to fix this, but it happens with me and phone technician all the time, except mine will start the mp3 ring whenever I get a call-waiting call. Bad part is it doesnt happen EVERY time, but prolly about 3 out of every 10 calls. Its starting to get annoying, so for now I have disabled it. Hope you find your resolution, but letting you know you are not alone with issues of the ringer going off when your already on a call.

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    Wow...your issue sounds even worse!

    I sent a note to the developer and I will post a resolution here...also, I will try to mention your issue to him/her as well.


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