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    When the HBH-660 came in I charged it and paired it with my 650 flawlessly, And it has been working great for a couple days, then today I did a hard reset on the phone and tried to pair and it's not recognizing it. I thought maybe something was wrong with my bluetooth, so I tried pairing my HS810 and it paired with no problems. I then did a soft reset on the phone and once again tried to pair the 660 and it did not work, but for the second time it worked with the HS810. When I press the button on the HBH-660 a connection in progress box comes up on the phone, then it asks for the pass key so I enter 0000 and it connects, but it is not connecting as a headset, then when I go to bluetooth setup and click on trusted devices and highlight the hbh-660 and click more info, it says Type: other. Can anyone with a 660 please check if yours says other too? Also Has anyone had this same problem? Any ideas would be great. Thanks!
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    THe device type for my HBH-660 is "Audio". Try the following in the treo:
    1) In the device details screen, delete the device.
    2) In BT screen, press menu and disable device name cache.
    Then go to the setup handsfree screen on the treo.
    In the HBH press both volume buttons at the same time to initiate pairing, and enter that 0000 to connect.

    That's all i can think of.
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    THANK YOU, worked like a charm!
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    Just happened to me too. Thanks crazy!

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