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    Does anyone know if there is a repair depot in Toronto or where I can get my Treo repaired in a timely fashion.

    Rogers typically takes 4 - 6 weeks for repair...

    Suggestions are very welcome...

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    Try the Rogers Corporate Store on Bay/Adelaide Street West. They have an onsite service centre. All other Rogers Wireless Stores are independently owned.

    330 Bay Street (north west corner)
    (416) 644-0288

    btw, what is wrong with your unit?
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    from the orange spot my screen split and the lcd looks like it died on about a 1/4 of my screen, and it seems to crash and shut off

    Thanks for the info on the rogers store... I am hoping the exchange the unit...


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    Try call this no. 1-866-2602178
    My treo got problem about 10 days before.
    I brought in Hong Kong on last May and I had already lost my receipt.
    Believe or not, they send me a brand new replacement on Friday.
    More, the new Treo has a very sharp cam.

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